How to Build a Zone Control System
1. Control Panel
  • Used to control dampers and equipment
  • Receives calls from multiple thermostats and controls zone dampers accordingly
  • Requires a dedicated transformer (do NOT use the transformer for the HVAC equipment)
  • Also requires a Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (DAS) in order to protect the equipment

2. Thermostats
  • Offered in programmable (recommended) or non-programmable
  • Fahrenheit also offers economy versions as well as upgraded wireless and touchscreen versions
  • Used to control the temperature in each zone
  • Every zone needs 1 thermostat
3. Dampers
  • Controlled by the control panel and open and close according to needs of the specific zone
  • Offered in both round or rectangular for different sized ducts
  • Fahrenheit offers traditional and retrofit dampers that require a bypass duct to be installed, as well as exclusively offers a patented Combination Zone Relief Damper (CZRD) that does not require a bypass duct or bypass damper to be installed
4. Bypass Dampers (optional)
  • Used to relieve built up static pressure within the duct
  • Barometrically operated in residential applications, electronically operated in light commercial applications
  • Best way to deal with excess duct pressure if NOT installing CZRD zone dampers (CZRD zone dampers do not require the installation of a bypass damper)
5. Accessories
  • All Zone Control Systems need a Discharge Air Temperature Sensor and dedicated Transformer
  • Zone Control Panels operating a dual fuel appliction will require an Outdoor Temperature Senosr (OTS)
6. Actuators
  • Farenheit also offers replacement motors
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