Overheating and overcooling office space is a universal problem when trying to control the temperature of multiple areas with a single thermostat. Entry ways, individual office spaces, and conference rooms are problem areas that need their own options for climate control. Throughout the course of a day these spaces vary in temperature due to being influenced by varying factors.

The core body temperature of an individual will vary from person to person. This creates “thermostat wars” resulting from multiple people adjusting one thermostat for a “one-size-fits-all” system to accommodate their own comfort.

The Performance Aire VAV Electronic Diffuser solves these complex climate control problem areas for the entire office. The Electronic Diffuser automatically responds to the need for heating or cooling modes, and is controlled by a wall-mounted digital thermostat providing true VAV control from a convenient desktop level.

Research indicates an increase in productivity when people are at their optimal comfort level.


The Performance Aire VAV Electronic Diffuser incorporates an internal modulating disk that continually regulates the volume of supply air in response to a wall-mounted thermostat. The Performance Aire VAV Electronic Diffuser is designed to maintain the Coanda effect of discharging air along the ceiling, providing draft free mixing throughout the space.

• Wall-mounted thermostatic control. Individual zone control from a wall
mounted thermostat.
• Powerful, low voltage actuator. Floating-point actuators are standard.
• True variable air volume in heating and cooling modes. The diffuser effectively
regulates the amount of supply air into the space and uses a wall mounted
thermostat to achieve true VAV control in heating mode, as well as cooling mode.
Automatic change over from heating to cooling is standard.