Overheating or overcooling problem areas?
As heating and cooling zones grow larger under budget constraints, multiple work spaces are being controlled by a single thermostat. This causes system efficiency to suffer and the occupant complaints to increase. “Thermostat Wars” result as occupants attempt to adjust the thermostat to their own level of comfort.

Receptionist Areas & Entry Ways
These spaces are typically exposed or open and cooling is often “dumped” in this area which causes overcooling problems and receptionist discomfort.

Often times, people inhabiting offices have different levels of comfort based on the individual. The rest of the office is fine, but one person has a different temperature level than others.

Conference Rooms
Often times, people inhabiting offices in the same zone have different requirements for comfort. This can lead to "Thermostat Wars" as well.

East/West Exposure
East side building exposure is too hot in the morning, then cold in the afternoon. Then conversely, the West side building exposure is cold in the morning and too hot in the afternoon. Without proper zoning, this can lead to discomfort.